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Whether your area rug is Sheepskin, Leather, Persian, Bamboo or Jute, it’s likely that you love it very much and no doubt want it displayed in a prominent part of your home or office. Whether a family heirloom, a financial investment or a gift, we also know that it needs to be kept in the best condition so that it will last you for years to come.


We work both with residential and commercial clients in NYC and promise you that when you leave your rug with us, it will get the possible treatment and be returned to you looking nothing less than fabulous.

Gentle But Deep Area Rug Cleaning


We only use eco-friendly solutions in our work because we believe that they are better for the health of you, your family. They are just as effective as traditional products, and have no harsh chemicals in them, so are good for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

We are also experts in all styles of carpets – Shag, Frieze, Saxony, Barbour and Wilton to name but a few and also offer a tailor-made carpet installation service, for quick and efficient installation.


  • Dusting – a thorough dust then shakes loose allergens, dust particles, dirt and grime.
  • Cleaning – depending on your rug’s material, we will treat it in one of two ways. Either we will use a deep immersion technique or dry clean it. With the first method, the rug is dipped into a pool of shallow water and then washed carefully with non-toxic products, rinsed with minimal water, then patted dry with soft towels.
  • Either way, once done all stains, odors and dirt will be banished forever.
  • Drying – we then take the rug into a drying room, which is climate-controlled and humidity free. This makes sure no mold and mildew form.
  • Finishing Touches – the pile is aligned and the fringes are straightened, and the rug is inspected one last time.

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Hear from our happy clients

First time using them after recommendation from daughter. Prompt (early) professional and friendly. My carpets look new. The last cleaning was more than five years ago so I was very impressed how nice they look. Highly recommend. Thank you Guys!!
Kevin Andrew